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What Job Suits me?

What Job Suits Me?

The question is ‘how do I know what job suits me?’ The answer lies with us at Career Analysts. Indeed, our careers advisors have helped thousands of our clients answer this question. We have years of experience in helping people to figure out what job is right for them.

Without our help, it is difficult to know what career suits you best. In short, you need objective analysis. Your family and loved ones will give you an opinion, but it will hardly be unbiased. But we can give you an objective view. As a consequence, we can remove any doubt about what job suits you best.

We use a scientific process which quantifies your strengths and weaknesses; your interests, personality and abilities. This process involves comprehensive psychometric tests. We analyse the results of these and research career options to suit you. Then, we talk these through with you, one-on-one and in depth. In this way, we help you to decide what job suits you.

Careers Advice since 1965

Over the years, we have guided people from all walks of life in their choice of career. So, we help teenagers, those in their twenties and those over thirty find their true vocation. As a result of our careers advice service, they have achieved real personal and career fulfilment.

Understanding what job suits you comes from really knowing who YOU are. What are your drives and motivations? Your skillset? Where can your qualities best be applied? What do you want from your career? We can help you answer these questions, so you can discover what job really suits you.

As a result of our careers advice service you get to know yourself better. You will uncover buried talents and abilities, find a better sense of direction and get a real confidence boost. You will talk through your career options with a highly-qualified, professional, non-judgemental and objective, career counsellor.

Find What Job Suits You Using Psychometric Tests

Each career advisor at Career Analysts offers a combination of:

  • Leading-edge career tests and career assessment tools
  • A one-to-one consultation with a fully-qualified Occupational Psychologist
  • A full written report – not computer-generated, but written by your careers advisor

We start by creating a comprehensive personal profile of you.

First, you will need to complete an online career test. As a result of these career tests, we gain a thorough understanding of YOU. Your personality, interests, values and aptitudes as well as your practical circumstances. Then, there’s a one-on-one consultation with an experienced Occupational Psychologist to talk through your options. Finally, a written report will spell out these options and the implications for you.

Specialist Careers Advice From Occupational Psychologists

We offer our careers advice programmes to teenagers, 20-year-olds and those over 30.

We combine the professionalism of our career consultants with the extraordinary depth of our career tests, to unearth who YOU are. This produces a deep catalytic effect for you.

To conclude, the accuracy, insight and detail with which our careers advisors assimilate your personal and career issues will amaze you. Most importantly, they will assist you in your search to find ‘what job suits me?’

Get careers advice from one of our experienced career counsellors. Read through our testimonials or some of the feedback we have received to see what our clients say about us. Or to find out more about our careers advice service call us on 0800 999 7778. Or simply book a place on one of our programmes to understand what job suits you best.