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Life-Changing Careers Advice

What Career is

Right for Me

We offer our psychometric assessment and careers advice services to teenagers, twenty somethings and those over thirty.

Our comprehensive careers advice programme includes:

  • An in-depth psychometric assessment consisting of 5 hours of online psychometric tests. We need to go into this much depth because we need to dig deep down into you. Once we know about you, then we can match you up with the best career path for YOU.
  • Expert analysis of the psychometic results by a qualified Occupational Psychologist.
  • A one-to-one consultation with your careers guidance counsellor to discuss your results. The aim here is to identify the best career path for you.
  • A report written by your careers adviser (not computer-generated) detailing the results and our recommendations for your ideal career.

Our Careers Advisors are all Qualified Psychologists

Each of our careers advisors is a fully qualified Occupational Psychologist. They need this qualification so that they can analyse the data from our psychometric tests and carry out the detailed, psychometric assessments. It is this detailed assessment that is the basis for the careers advice we provide.

All our careers advisors have at least two university degrees. Firstly, a BSc in Psychology ensures that they know how to interpret the results of the psychometric tests. Secondly, a Masters in Occupational Psychology means that they have a deep understanding of what careers there are out there, what the requirements are for those careers and what the routes into those careers are.

We pride ourselves on providing individual careers advice that is unique to you. Our careers advisors will not pigeonhole you.

Psychometric Assessment

Our careers advice process starts with psychometric tests. These are cleverly designed to give our careers advisors all the information they need to build a holistic profile of you.

The questionnaires cover the important factors you need to consider when choosing the right career for you:

  • Your interests! If we can find something you are really interested in, you are far more likely to enjoy your work and succeed.
  • Which career would suit your personality. What is the right role for you? The right environment for you to be working in?
  • Your values and beliefs? Some people have strongly held beliefs that would prevent them working in some careers. For others it’s a motivating force towards working in certain careers.
  • Aptitudes! What are your strengths and weaknesses. What are you good at? And not so good at?
  • Practicalities! What is practical for you? We need to take into account practical factors. Family commitments, financial needs and health issues are all relevant to your career choice. Also your educational achievements and career history to date.

Most of the questionnaires are multiple choice so you just need to tick a box. In many cases there are no right or wrong answers; there’s just what you think and believe. That is what we are trying to find out. The psychometric tests are designed to help your career advisor understand who YOU are. Once we know this, we can advise you on the best career path for you.

Over the last 60 years, our careers advice programmes have helped tens of thousands of people discover their perfect career. To find out more, contact us on 0800 999 7778

Your Career Consultation

After you’ve completed the psychometric tests, your careers advisor will analyse the results and complete her preparation. Essentially researching possible career paths for you. So, on the date of your one-on-one consultation, she will come armed with ideas for suitable careers for you. You’ll meet with this careers advisor either face-to-face or using Zoom or Teams – the choice is yours.  

Together you will discuss the results of your psychometric assessment and what they mean for you in terms of your career choice. She will then make specific suggestions to you for suitable careers. The two of you can then discuss the pros and cons of each. You’ll weigh them up against each other and against the backdrop of your practical circumstances. In this way she will offer you the expert careers guidance needed to help you find exactly which career is right for you going forward. Of course, all the information about you is confidential – nobody else will see it.

Your Career Report

Your report is not computer-generated. It is written personally by your careers advisor. It will detail the results of your psychometric assessment and will advise on the best career for you. Firstly, it will show the graphs which are the visual representation of your psychometric test results. Then, there will be an analysis of each graph and an explanation of what it means for you in terms of your career choice. Lastly, there is the implications and recommendations section. This includes our professional careers advice on what would be the best career choice for you. Additionally, what the implications would be if you follow our careers advice. This report is unique to you; many of our clients keep it for a lifetime.

Have a look at our feedback and testimonials pages to see how others have benefitted from our in-depth, professional careers advice.