About Career Analysts

Life Changing Careers Advice

Career Analysts’ clients are invariably astonished at the accuracy, insight and detail with which our career advisors assimilate the career and personal issues they face.

You get to know yourself better, unearth dormant talents and qualities, have a better sense of direction, and as a result find the whole process a real confidence booster.

Many of our clients say that we have changed their lives. The unique combination of the exceptional calibre of our career advisors and the depth of our psychometric assessment produces a profound catalytic effect for individuals.

Few career counsellors today offer careers advice backed up with psychometric tests. They have career advisors of widely varying qualifications but the majority of whom are not Occupational Psychologists. Furthermore, nationally validated personality and aptitude psychometric assessments are expensive; as a result many careers advice firms don’t use them. Other careers advisors simply provide computer-generated psychometric test results without the essential interpretation by a qualified psychologist.

Career Analysts is one of the few career counselling services in the UK that combines career counselling by fully qualified psychologists with an extensive range of cutting edge career test profiling and assessment techniques.

Are you maximising your talents and abilities? We all should!