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About Career Analysts

Careers Advice for all ages

At Career Analysts, we help teenagers, those in their twenties and those over thirty find their true vocation.

We help teenagers with A-Level and degree choices and to focus on the right career for them after that.

Those in their twenties may have left university but still don’t know what career is right for them. Or perhaps they’ve started out on a career path but it’s not what they expected.

For those over thirty, their circumstances may have changed. A young family perhaps. Or maybe their values have changed. What seemed most important in their twenties, now isn’t, and they are looking for a career change.

Many of our clients say that we have changed their lives. The unique combination of the exceptional calibre of our career advisors and the depth of our psychometric tests produces a profound catalytic effect for individuals.

Psychometric tests

Few career counsellors today offer careers advice backed up with an in-depth  psychometric assessment. Many career advisors have no relevant qualifications. Certainly, the majority of them are not Occupational Psychologists. Furthermore, nationally validated personality and aptitude psychometric assessments are expensive. As a result, many careers advice firms don’t use them. Other careers advisors simply provide computer-generated psychometric test results without the essential interpretation by a qualified Occupational Psychologist.

Career Analysts is one of the few career counselling services in the UK that combines career counselling by fully qualified psychologists with an extensive range of cutting-edge psychometric career tests. Many of our clients keep their written reports for a lifetime.

At Career Analysts, our clients are invariably astonished at the accuracy, insight and detail with which our career advisors assimilate the career and personal issues they face.

You will get to know yourself better, unearth dormant talents and qualities, have a better sense of direction, and as a result find the whole process a real confidence booster.

Most importantly, whatever YOUR situation, we can help you get on the right career path for YOU. We’ve been doing that very successfully for 60 years. We are now on the third generation of families coming to see us for careers advice. Have a look at our feedback and testimonials pages to see how many others have benefitted from our in-depth, professional careers advice.