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Careers guidance from a professional career advisor

Life-Changing Careers Advice

We have delivered our careers advice programmes for over half a century and are on the third generation of families coming to see us. By combining the quality of our career guidance counsellors with the depth of our psychometric tests, we produce a profound catalytic effect for our clients. Many of them say that we have changed their lives. We could change yours too!

Careers Guidance from a Professional Careers Advisor

The aim of careers guidance is to identify what career is right for you.

Are you worried about making the right career choice? You may have little or no idea what career would suit you best. But you do know you want something fulfilling and rewarding. Our careers guidance counsellors can help you find the right career for YOU.

Making the right career choice stems from really knowing your strengths and weaknesses; your interests, motivations and personality. So, getting unbiased careers guidance based on science, means you can analyse the real you. You will come to understand what motivates you and as a result, you will find the right career path for you.

In addition, careful psychometric assessment followed by objective careers guidance will vastly improve your self-confidence. Now that you know where you are going!

Thousands of people have achieved real career success and personal fulfilment with us over the last 60 years. This is a direct result of our specialist careers advice service. Our careers guidance programme will help you find the ideal career for you. We will help you make a realistic career plan for your future so you can reap the rewards for the rest of your life.

We have been around a very long time – since 1965. So you know you are in good hands with us. We have helped three generations of families over that time.

Career guidance can help you make the right education and career choices.

For teenagers, getting professional careers advice will help you choose your A levels and degree. Subsequently, your choice of career will become much easier. Essentially, a careers advisor will guide you through the maze of education and career choices available to you.

Firstly, we need to get a deep understanding of your personality, interests, values, aptitudes and practical circumstances. For this purpose, you will need to complete a set of in depth career tests. This gives us a comprehensive profile of you. Then, you will have a one-on-one consultation with an experienced and fully-qualified career guidance counsellor.

Our careers guidance programme is one of very few careers advice services in the UK which offers:

  • A wide-ranging array of leading-edge psychometric tests
  • A one-on-one consultation with a professional careers advisor
  • A full written report with our recommendations for your career. This is not computer-generated. It is written by your personal careers guidance counsellor especially for you.

As a result, we will give you reliable and well-informed careers advice which will identify the best career for you. Have a look at our testimonials and see what our clients have to say.

contact us on 0800 999 7778 to find out more about careers guidance counselling, or book a place on one of our careers advice programmes to find the right career for you.

Get careers advice from the most highly qualified careers advisors in this country. Just fill out the form below and we will contact you quickly to talk through how we can help.

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