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Expert Career Advisor

Your Career Advisor is the Best. Here’s Why:

Each career advisor at Career Analysts is a leading career consultant in their field. They are all fully qualified Occupational Psychologists with a minimum of 2 degrees.

The nature of Occupational Psychology is that they understand two fields. Firstly, they have an in-depth knowledge of what careers there are. They understand what the requirements are for those careers and what routes lead into those careers. Secondly, they know how to interpret the results of the career tests we conduct.

So, the basis of our careers advice is that we know about all the various careers there are out there; if we can then find out about YOU, then we can match you up with the best career for YOU. So, in order to find out about you, we use the psychometric tests.

We have been providing professional careers advice for many decades. So, you know you are in safe hands with us. Have a look at our testimonials and hear what our clients have to say.

So, to get detailed careers advice from a highly qualified and experienced career advisor, call us on 0800 999 7778. Or just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you quickly. We believe that, for help in deciding what career is right for you, we are the best in this country.

Professional Careers Advice From An Exceptional Career Advisor

At Career Analysts, every career counsellor has to follow this rigorous scientific process to give you the best careers advice possible.

  • Firstly, you register with us and select your careers advice programme.
  • Secondly, we send you a number of online psychometric questionnaires to complete.
  • Thirdly, a career advisor will analyse the results of your questionnaires.
  • Fourthly, your careers advisor uses the results to research your ideal career.
  • Fifthly, you meet with the Occupational Psychologist who explains your results and gives you expert careers advice on the next steps in your career path.
  • Finally, we will send you a detailed Career Report. This will explain the implications of the psychometrics and spell out our recommendations for your career.

Your careers advisor will research what career is best for you. Additionally, they will advise on further education or training that may be required to get you into that career.

We are now on the third generation of families coming to us for career advice. People came to us in the 60’s and 70’s. They sent their children to us in the 80’s or 90’s and are now contacting us to help their grandchildren. It does work!