Making A Career Change At 30

How We Can Help You Make A Career Change At 30+

We Can Help You Find A New Career

Are you in your thirties or above and want a completely new career, but have no idea what and how to go about finding the right career for you? We offer a bespoke professional thirties programme, specifically designed to help adults who have been working for some years make that career change they’ve always wanted. Finding a new career at 30 isn’t uncommon; for many people, their job simply no longer fulfills their interests, or it lacks progression and leaves them at a bit of a dead end.

You may have already established a successful career, but as lifestyle and priorities change and you move into your thirties and beyond, you have to ask yourself: does my career still motivate me? Does it satiate my ambition? Am I working to my full potential? There are many reasons why a making career change at 30 seems daunting, but it really isn’t as scary as you may think. We make it much easier – and we use psychometrics to do so! Our programmes incorporate psychometric testing with expert careers advice, tailored to you. Finding a new career at 30 is a positive action, if you’re not happy in your current role then you need to ask: will it get any better?

Ask yourself: am I. . .

  • Looking for a completely new change of career
  • Looking to get back into work
  • Looking to find my dream job
  • Looking for bespoke careers advice
  • Looking to start my own business

If you answered yes to any of these then you could really benefit from contacting us today so we can start you on the Thirties+ programme.

The Thirties+ Programme

If you want help in finding a new career at 30 then this is the perfect programme for you.

  • Firstly, you take a series of online career tests. These are different from most career tests out there; these tests are in-depth psychometric questionnaires specifically designed to develop a comprehensive personal profile. Our occupational psychologists then to analyse the results and determine which new career would suit you best. The psychometric assessment builds a holistic profile of you, including: your motivation and values, your abilities and personality, your practical circumstances and home life and more.
  • Next, after reviewing your results, your occupational psychologist researches viable career options that would suit you. They then give you detailed career change advice in a one-to-one consultation. Together, you will consider your new career options, assess your current position, review any career progress you may have had and then, devise a realistic career plan for the future. Once your results have been discussed and a plan devised, you can reflect on your situation and make mature, informed decisions regarding your next steps.
  • After your consultation you will then receive a report outlining the results of your psychometric assessment and what they mean, as well as a breakdown of the discussions you had with your psychologist and your next steps. These reports aren’t computer generated, they’re one of a kind and completely unique to you.

You will come away from this programme with renewed confidence and determination. You’ll not only know what you can do, but you will have answers to those nagging doubts and questions that have built up over the years. Furthermore, if applicable to your needs, you will have the opportunity to discuss options such as starting your own business. You’ll also find new ways to integrate your personal interests, values and hobbies into you career.

Changing career at 30 isn’t a big mystery. If you’re struggling to find that new career, or simply don’t know how to go about it, then contact us FOR FREE below. Whatever your circumstances, we can help make your career change a reality.

Need Further Support?

If you already know exactly what career you want to do but are unsure exactly how to land your dream job or how to progress in your current career, then we can help with that too. We offer a variety of bespoke services to support you in your job search. These include: career coaching, interview techniques training, CV writing and help with job search and applications.

As well as the ones listed above we provide many other services and programmes that can aid your search for a new career. Visit our Shop and find the right one for your needs.


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