Life-Changing Careers Advice

Many of our clients say that we have changed their lives. The unique combination of the exceptional calibre of our consultants and the depth of our psychometric assessment produces a profound catalytic effect for individuals.

In your twenties and still not sure of the right career path for you?

Your twenties are a crucial time in your career – new career decisions made now have a profound impact on the rest of your working life.

Have you chosen the right job? Does it reflect your skills, your qualifications, your goals? Are there further accreditations to study for that can give a solid basis to your dream career, or will they hold you back as others progress up the career ladder?

People in their first decade of working life will face decisions that will have a profound effect upon the rest of their careers. This is the period when any doubts or problems need seriously analysing and rectifying in order to pave the way forward for solid career foundations.

It is perhaps harder these days than ever before for you to live up to what is expected of you. And with many having student loans to repay it is essential that you get on the right track as soon as possible after completing your education.

Essentially, it’s a time to take stock, consider your career options, review your progress, assess your current position and plan for the future. Our specialist career advice for 20 year olds programme, helps to address these factors and support you throughout the process.

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that our career advice for 20 year olds programme attracts our most diverse and demanding group of clients who need to know they’re on the right career track; from those with or without school qualifications, to graduates, post-graduates and young professionals.

Our expert careers advice, concentrates on building up a holistic profile of you – your interests, your personality, your values and your abilities. It consists of in-depth psychometric testing followed by a one-on-one consultation with one of our highly experienced Occupational Psychologists.

The aim is to provide life-changing careers advice to get you to the new career that suits you perfectly. Together we will consider your career choices, review your progress, assess your current position and devise a realistic plan for your new career. We’ll recommend what career is right for you.

For the young and serious career builder, you will come away from our new career programme with all the renewed confidence and determination that comes with knowing who and where you are, that those nagging questions have been answered, and that you can now look to your new career with your own, unique, conclusive plan of action.

10 questions to consider at this stage in your career:

  1. Am I really happy in my current job? If not, why not?
  2. Am I using my talents, abilities, qualifications and experience to the full?
  3. Am I genuinely in the right career for me?
  4. Did I join the right organisation?
  5. Am I in the correct role?
  6. Do the organisation’s goals and values correspond with mine?
  7. Should I take that promotion? Why am I hesitant?
  8. Am I working at the correct level?
  9. Do I learn from and respect my boss and my colleagues?
  10. Am I progressing as I think I should? Am I successful at work?

These questions and more can be answered as part of our career advice for 20 year olds programme.

You can register online for the programme or call us on 0800 999 7778 with any questions.

For a longer consultation aimed at the over thirties, the Career Change programme offers more time with the Occupational Psychologist. Those with more experience or more senior positions need more time in this part of the process. The psychometrics used for both are identical.

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