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Psychometric Assessment for Career Choice

What are Psychometric Tests?

The word Psychometric comes from the Greek psycho- ‘of the mind’ and metric meaning ‘measuring’. The psychometric tests we use are scientifically engineered and validated multiple choice questionnaires. They are designed to help our career guidance counsellors understand who you are, so we can provide tailored careers advice for YOU. The psychometrics ask questions about your interests, feelings and preferences. Additionally, they measure your reasoning abilities (verbal, numerical, abstract, mechanical etc.). From the results, we gather a great deal of information about who you really are and, therefore, what career is right for you. We developed this process over 50 years ago. It still works today!

Do HR managers use the same tests when recruiting?

In order to choose the right career, you need to find something that interests you. You should be good at it, ensure that it suits your personality and is in line with your values. Recruiters know this too! They don’t want to re-advertise the position in 6 months because the candidate doesn’t fit. So, of course, they are testing for the same factors to find the best person for their vacancy.

The difference is that they have a specific job in mind and are looking for a ‘type’ of person to fill it. Our perspective is that we have a specific person in mind and are looking for a career path that matches that person. So, for them, it is the job that takes first place, while for us YOU come first.

Why we employ Occupational Psychologists

To interpret the results of the psychometric tests, you need a fully qualified Occupational Psychologist trained in their use. Careers advisors come in many forms, but without these qualifications and in-depth training, they are not allowed to use the psychometric tests.

So, all of our career guidance counsellors have a minimum of 2 degrees. Firstly, a BSc in Psychology so that they are trained to interpret the results of the psychometric tests. Secondly, an MSc in Occupational Psychology. Here they learn about how organisations work, what the career paths are within them and what the requirements are for those careers. So, they can understand you by using the psychometric tests. Then, they draw on their vast knowledge of possible career paths to match you to the best career for YOU.

Which Psychometric Tests are used?

  • Interests – You are far more likely to enjoy your work and succeed, if you pursue a real interest or passion in your career.
  • Personality – How do you normally respond and behave?
    What is the right kind of career and environment for you to be working in?
    Where will you fit in and ensure your outlook matches your career?
  • Values and Beliefs – Some people have strongly held beliefs which prevent them working in certain industries; for others, it’s a motivating force towards certain careers.
  • Aptitudes – These are looking at various types of reasoning;
    What are you good at?
    What are your strengths?
    Which are you not so strong at?
    Which career path will value your talents and what should you avoid or aim to develop?

Why do we use Psychometric Tests?

Our psychometric tests are in real depth. As standard, you will spend 5 hours completing the questionnaires before you receive careers advice here.

Psychometric testing is an important tool for us at Career Analysts and we rely on it to help us understand you. However the really important part of the careers advice we offer is carried out in the one-on-one career consultation. This is with a fully qualified and trained Occupational Psychologist. You can talk through your personal circumstances, desires and ambitions with her in detail. In the end, she will help you make the crucial decision about what career is right for you.

Register for our careers advice programmes online or contact us today on 0800 999 7778 for more information on psychometric tests or any of our careers advice programmes.

At Career Analysts, we base our careers advice on the results of the psychometric tests. We aim to help you choose the best career for YOU. Our careers advice is provided by highly qualified careers advisors – they are Occupational Psychologists. We believe our careers advice is the best in this country. Contact us using the form below and we will get back to you quickly, in person.