Career Path

What Is The Right Career Path For You? Find Out Using Psychometric Tests

When to choose Your Career Path

Our speciality is to help you choose the right career path at any stage of your career. It’s important to choose the right career path whether you are a teenager, in your twenties or over thirty.

Under 15, you should enjoy your schoolwork and keep your options open. But, once you need to make A level choices, then you need to start thinking about your future career path.

It’s never too late to make a decision on your career choice. Lots of people have not decided on the right career path for them well into their twenties. Some embark upon a career only to find it’s not the right career path for them after all. A career choice made at that point is crucial in determining how the rest of your career and life will progress.

Others in their thirties and beyond will be further into their career path but with perhaps changed circumstances. They will be looking for a career change to take them in a quite different career direction.

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Careers Advice with Psychometrics

One of the most complex decisions you will face in your life is to find the right career path for YOU. At Career Analysts, every careers advisor is a fully qualified Occupational Psychologist who is trained to interpret the results of our psychometric tests.

Since our foundation in 1965, each careers advisor here has helped tens of thousands of people with these important career choices. They will help to ensure you get on the right career path for YOU. This means that you can have a happy and fulfilling career for many decades to come.

Career Analysts is a careers advice service which conducts a profound psychological analysis of YOU using in-depth psychometric tests. We combine this with a one-to-one consultation with a fully qualified careers advisor. As the result of this scientific process, we can make sure you choose the right career path for YOU.

Have a look at our testimonials and hear what our clients have to say. Or read some of the feedback we have received, to get a sense of how we have helped many people just like you in similar situations.

Let our Careers Advisor Help You Choose the Right Career Path for YOU!

Career Path – Our Scientific Process

We start by creating an in-depth psychological profile of you. Firstly, you will complete a set of psychometric tests at home. These help us to understand your career interests, your talents, what career suits your personality, what is in line with your values and beliefs and what is practical for you. After that, there is a one-on-one consultation with an experienced careers advisor in which you can discuss suitable career options. So, we can narrow down the possible career paths and help you decide what is the best career for you. Your careers advisor will follow this up with an in depth career report.

We give you reliable and informed careers advice that will help you to achieve your career goals. We do this by gaining a deep understanding of your personality, interests, values and aptitudes as well as your practical circumstances.

Keep Your Career Report For Life

Our specialist careers advice service is designed to help you to figure out what career path is best for you. It involves the latest psychometric tests and a one-on-one career consultation with a highly qualified careers advisor. Once you have completed our careers advice programme, you will receive a detailed career report. Many keep this report for the rest of their lives. Your career report is written by your personal careers advisor – it is not computer-generated. It will include the results of your psychometric tests, an explanation of what they mean for you and what our recommendations are for your career going forward.

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