University Application Help – Study Abroad or Study UK

We ease the process of university application and UCAS application

Whether you want to study abroad or study in the UK, choosing the right university and degree course can be intimidating.

We offer specialist university application support to ease this process, providing advice to help you choose the best university and degree subjects to suit you as well as ongoing study advice.

We help both undergraduate and postgraduate university applicants to make the right choices, as well as foundation degree candidates, across all subject areas:

  • Medicine, health professions and sports science
  • Business Studies, Management, Marketing, Economics and Finance
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Law
UnUniveristy Application Support

Study UK or Study Abroad?

We will support you in choosing and securing the best university and course for you – whether it is your first step into UK education or you are looking at a Master’s Degree or PhDs, or if you are planning to study abroad. Ongoing study advice will help you make the most of your experience at university.

In the UK, this involves completing a UCAS application form for an undergraduate application, which entails submitting a personal statement and, for some courses, attending an interview.

We will guide you through the entire university application process, taking into consideration your academic abilities as well as your interests, and will work with you to help you recognise your strengths, and improve your confidence to help you succeed in the university application.

As part of the UCAS application and university application process, we advise you on any other test requirements you may need, including IELTS English language exams. We will also inform you about how to book on to university open days.

International University Application Help

Study UK or study abroad - University Application Services

Our expert university application advice is designed to support students from abroad wishing to study UK or those from the UK wishing to study abroad.

We can guide them through the UCAS application to study UK or the relevant process elsewhere to study abroad.

We can help them and their parents (or guardians) in these aspects:

  • Study advice
  • Advice on tuition fees and scholarships
  • Advice on all aspects of the UCAS application process
  • Researching university and degree options to suit your interests and academic ability (we will thoroughly research at least six possible course options for you)
  • Advice on English language requirements for courses
  • Support in writing the required personal statement
  • Careers counselling – we will help you to decide on the best career path for you
  • Help with interview preparation for undergraduates and postgraduates
  • Specialist support and advice if applying to Oxbridge
  • Postgraduate service providing support to MPhil and PhD applicants in identifying academic specialisms and preparing project proposals
  • Advice and help with the process of university application.

A natural by-product of our university application and UCAS application support programme is that our client benefits from an escalating level of self-confidence. They will attain a focus on where they are going and a clear route to achieving their aims – either to study in the UK or study abroad.