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Careers Adviser

Be Wary of Your Careers Adviser

You may think it odd that I should write that statement here. But the truth is that anyone can call themselves a careers adviser. You don’t actually need any qualifications to practise as a careers advisor.

In contrast, at Career Analysts, all of our careers advisers are fully qualified Occupational Psychologists. They each have at least 2 degrees. Firstly, they have a BSc in psychology. Most importantly, this trains them how to interpret the results of the career tests that we conduct. Secondly, they have an MSc in Occupational Psychology. This teaches them about what careers there are and what the requirements are for those careers. Their job is to put those things together for their specific client – YOU.

Personalised Careers Advice

Careers advice is a very personal matter. We start by gathering a great deal of information about you. We do this using a psychometric assessment process based on the science of psychology. In this way, we uncover your interests, personality, values and abilities. We draw these factors together and set them against the backdrop of your practical circumstances. Only when we combine this data with our knowledge of careers, can we guide you to the best career path for YOU.

It’s far more in-depth and personal than you will get from other careers advisers without our extensive training. Our longevity proves that. For 60 years, our career guidance counsellors have helped tens of thousands of individuals achieve real career success as well as personal fulfilment.

Careers Adviser

At work today, we all face new and seemingly ever greater challenges. So much so, we need to continually adapt to, and cope with, these unrelenting changes. Above all, this comes from really knowing your strengths, your preferences, your drives and motives and where these qualities can be applied.

We can help you analyse your current situation with complete honesty and confidentiality. You can talk through your career issues and options with an objective, non-judgemental professional careers adviser.

Have a look at our testimonials and read what our clients have said about us. Or, to understand more about how our careers advice service works, contact us on 0800 999 7778. Register below to get personalised careers advice from one of our careers advisors.

Psychometric Tests

As well as the exceptional calibre of our careers advisors, our psychometric tests are also in real depth. In fact, they will take you around 5 hours to complete at home. You don’t need to do them all at once, but they will take about that long in total. We go into that much depth because we need to dig quite deeply into you.

The accuracy, insight and detail with which our careers advisors assimilate the issues you face, is amazing. You’ll get to know yourself better, unearth latent talents and have a better sense of direction. As a result, you will find the whole process a real confidence booster.

To find out more about our careers advice service, call us on 0800 999 7778. Or book a place on one of our careers advice programmes to help you choose the right career.  Certainly, you can get careers advice and help from one of our experienced careers advisers.