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Careers Advice to Help You Find the Right Career Options for You

Professional Careers Advice to Help you Find the Right Career for YOU

Find The Right Career Options for YOU!

With so many different career options available, it’s hard to know what career is right for you. Our careers advice programme will ensure that you choose the best career for YOU. Your careers advisor has specialist training and years of experience to know what careers there are out there. Above all, we can help you discover which career is right for your unique personality and set of circumstances.

We conduct in depth psychometric tests in order to understand who you are. These quantify and define your career interests, your personality, your values and beliefs and what you are good at. So, our careers advice will match you up with the best career path for YOU.

At Career Analysts, we have the training and experience to know each of the myriad of career options available. So, using psychometric tests, we will help you find the right career for you.

Psychometric Tests Reveal Your Career Options

Our careers advisors are all fully qualified Occupational Psychologists. They each have at least two university degrees; a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Occupational Psychology. The BSc gives them an understanding of personalities and how to analyse the results of the psychometric tests. The MSc trains them to understand how organisations work. That is to say, what careers there are and what the requirements are for those careers. We already know about all the various careers there are. So, if we can find out about YOU, then we can match you up with the best career for YOU.

You will talk through the results of your psychometric tests with your personal careers advisor. This will clarify your career options. As a result, you will come to understand what career is right for you. Certainly, our trained career counsellors have helped thousands of people get on the right career path.

Discover your Ideal Career with our Scientific Process at Career Analysts

Careers Advice for over 50 Years

Career Analysts was founded in 1965. In that time we have helped hundreds of thousands of people reach personal satisfaction and real career success. As a result of our unique careers advice service they have found happiness and fulfilment in their careers.

We begin by creating a comprehensive profile of you. You will complete a set of psychometric tests measuring your interests, personality, values, abilities and practical circumstances. These psychometric tests alone will take you about five hours to complete. They are in real depth. Subsequently, there will be a one-on-one career consultation with an experienced careers advisor.

Psychology-based Careers Advice

Our careers advice service will reveal your true career options. It involves a range of psychometric tests and a one-on-one consultation with an Occupational Psychologist. This is followed by a full written report. Many people keep this for a lifetime.

Contact us on 0800 999 7778 to find out more about our career counselling service. You will explore your career options and get one-on-one detailed careers advice from your very own, experienced careers advisor. We come to understand who YOU are, so we can help you find the right career for YOU. Book a place on one of our careers advice programmes to get you moving in the right direction.