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Career Management

A career is a very individual journey. Sometimes we follow a path wherever it leads us. At other times, we reach a point where we step back. We consider where we are now and where we are going in our career. So, our career management programme helps you to:

  • Firstly; reflect on your skills, personality, strengths, preferences and accumulated experience. We will help you take a snapshot of where you are now and what you have to offer.
  • Secondly; clarify your future career choices and evaluate these in the light of your personal objectives. The aim is to strike the best balance between your career goals and your need for personal fulfilment. Your work/life balance.
  • Thirdly; develop a personal marketing campaign. You will learn how to identify career opportunities whether advertised or not; hone networking and interview skills; and produce a compelling achievement-based CV.

Tailored Career Management

A career watershed presents very real personal challenges. That is why we always begin with a comprehensive review of your current situation. It is so that we can tailor and agree the most appropriate career management programme for you. Unlike most of our competitors, our career management programme is not ‘off the shelf’. So its flexibility extends into agreeing the preferred pace and intensity of the programme. The essence is that we focus on those aspects of your career that are the most important for you.

Career Advice for over 20s

Our Career Management Programme includes:

1. Assessment

We will conduct an in-depth psychometric analysis of YOU.

  • What motivates you?
  • Which careers hold most interest for you?
  • How do your values and beliefs impact your career choice?
  • What are you good at?
  • Which careers would best suit your personality?

Consequently, as a result of the psychometric tests, we can assess and research what career is right for you. However, if it was that easy, we could just produce a computer-generated report from the results. But it’s not. We need now to move on to stage 2 – career counselling.

2. Career Counselling:

This part of the programme includes a 2 hour one-on-one session between you and a fully qualified Occupational Psychologist. Already, we have analysed the results of your psychometric tests and what they mean for you. In addition, we have reviewed your personal and career history to date, your practical circumstances and your hopes for the future.

So, in this session, the goal is to help you decide what you will aim for in the next stage of your career. This really is an in-depth discussion to help you decide what career is best for you for this stage of your career.

To conclude this part of the process, we will produce a comprehensive personal report for you. This will detail the results of your psychometric tests and what the implications and recommendations are for you going forward. So, at this stage, you will get a better sense of direction in your career.

Then, with a clearer idea of where you are going, the next step is to map out how to get there. For this, we need to move on to stage 3. That is, how to market yourself to potential employers.

3. Self-Marketing:

  • Planning the campaign
    • Detailed discussion of your career options
    • Set the objectives for the future
    • Identify the various routes into the job market (e.g. advertised and unadvertised roles, networking, the right recruitment consultants, etc)
    • Identify target companies and specific roles
  • Preparing, launching and monitoring the campaign
    • Review ‘homework’ and establish goals for campaign
    • Write CV – A CV will be produced aimed directly at specific job applications
    • Produce approach letters
    • Complete applications
    • Develop further options as required
  • Interview techniques: one to one coaching sessions using role play to develop skills for effective interviews:
    • Preparation
    • Body language
    • Follow up
    • Telephone skills
    • Panel interviews

We send out a feedback form with every report . Read what our previous clients have said about us to get a real sense of how we have helped many thousands of people before you.

Register for our programmes online or contact us today on 0800 999 7778 to get more information on this or any of our other careers advice programmes.