A Levels & Degree Choices For Teenagers

What Degree or A Levels Do I Take?

Leaving school is scary enough without having to suddenly decide on your future. You’re under this immense pressure to make A Level choices based on what degree or career you want. But how can you possibly make an informed decision about what you want to do for the rest of your life when you haven’t had any experience? You can’t.

If you’re wondering: ‘What A Levels should I take?’ or ‘What degree do I need?’ then don’t worry. We’ve got the answers and the information you need to make smart decisions.

We help teenagers by using psychometric tests. Basically, when you sign up to our Teenager’s Programme, we have you complete a few online questionnaires (don’t fret, they’re really easy) so that we can develop a comprehensive profile of you. Our consultants then use this to match you with your ideal job roles.

Once you know which career suits you, our consultants will help you get there by showing you your options and giving you a plan with your next steps. These may include further education, i.e. what degree or A Level choices will help you reach your ideal career, training or going straight to work.

Whatever your results, they’ll be totally based on you (and a little psychology of course). 

Our Teenagers Programme

Deciding on your A Level choices or what degree to study is much easier when you know the career your working towards. You don’t want to waste time (and money) studying the wrong subjects.

Our Teenagers Programme includes:

  • A comprehensive psychometric assessment – we send you a few, easy online questionnaires to complete which are specifically designed to give our occupational psychologists a detailed profile of you, your personality, interests, skills and more.
  • Complicated profiling and psychometric analysis – our occupational psychologists use their knowledge to match you with the most suitable job roles and study options.
  • A one-to-one consultation with your occupational psychologist – your specialist will talk you through their findings and help you choose a career and decide on your next steps, such as your A Level choices or guidance on what degree you should study.
  • A detailed report written by your consultant – this will lay out all of our findings clearly for you so you have a plan you can use.

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