Stuck with your A Level Choices or Degree Choices?
Choose the right A Levels and Degree to get on the road to success
Choosing the wrong subjects can get you on the road to nowhere

There is a clear link between choosing the right A levels and degree and finding success and fulfilment in a good career. We’ve seen tens of thousands of young people over more than 50 years and helped them make these decisions. For £695 +vat we help young people get on the right road to being happy and successful in their careers for decades to come – by making the right A Level and Degree choices.

The Process is quite complex, But at Career Analysts we simplify it for you – we specialise in analysing your interests, personality and aptitudes using psychometric questionnaires and then we do our research to come up with the best A Level and Degree choices for you, as well as looking forward to what would be the best career path for you in the future.

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Teenagers have important decisions to make with regards to their education and future careers. The A level and degree choices they make now will have long-term effects on their financial success and personal happiness.

It could be that they haven’t yet considered what career they want to pursue. It may be that the teenager in question just doesn’t know where to find the right answers.

 Questions Like:

  • What should I study for A-levels?

  • Which university should I apply for?

  • What degree should I study for?

  • What career would suit me best?

can be very difficult for a young person to answer. They may lack the self-confidence to make the right career choice or feel pressure to make a certain career decision.
Regardless of what reservations a teenager has about choosing the right A-levels or university and degree course, the A level and university degree advice offered by Career Analysts can be crucial.
Here at Career Analysts, we use a combination of career tests and a face-to-face consultation with a fully-trained occupational psychologist to help the teenager decide on the best A level and Degree choices for them.To find out more, call us on 0800 999 7778. Alternatively, you can register for the programme online.

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