Careers Advice for Women

Careers for Women

Choosing your career? Looking to return to work after having children? Do you want to develop your career path? Career Analysts can give you the specific careers advice you need.

Whether you are taking your first steps into the professional world, looking for ways to advance your career, thinking about making a career change or returning to work after having children; there are many benefits to seeking specialist services that provide careers advice for women.

Our comprehensive careers advice will help you determine:

  • the right career path for you
  • how to achieve your full potential in your chosen career
  • how to return to a good career after having children
  • how to get your ideal job

Although the UK has laws designed to prevent unequal pay between men and women, the average salaries are still significantly different. One important reason for getting help from an advisor that specifically provides careers advice for women is to help overcome these obstacles.

Specialist Careers Advice for Women

At Career Analysts we provide comprehensive careers advice and support. With our assistance, you’ll be able to identify the right career, understand the challenges and overcome the obstacles. In addition, we can help you to find suitable vacancies, create the best CV possible and learn how to make a positive impression at a job interview.

We offer a varied selection of career services. Choosing the right career for you is the first step – taking into account your professional aspirations and current situation.

Our tailored career advice process for women starts with in-depth career tests and analysis of your personality, skills and objectives. Our career tests will help to determine the best career path for you and how to achieve the most in your career. You will meet a fully-qualified Occupational Psychologist all of whom are women – who will have seen and carefully considered the results of the career tests, and discuss their career recommendations with you.

To find out more about our services, pleaseĀ contact usĀ on 0800 999 7778.