Psychometric Assessment Process

A Breakdown

We offer our psychometric assessment programmes and careers advice services to teenagers, twenty somethings and those over thirty.

Our psychometric assessment programmes include:

  • A comprehensive online psychometric assessment which consists of a few easy, online questionnaires that we send to you.
  • Expert analysis from careers advisors with degrees in occupational psychology.
  • A one-to-one careers consultation with your very own occupational psychologist in which you discuss your results and the best career for you, as well as your next steps.
  • A written report of your results.

We’ve helped many happy customers of a variety of ages. Have a look at our programmes to start your online psychometric assessment and find your ideal career.

Our Careers Advisors

Each of our careers advisors is also a fully qualified occupational psychologist – they need to be to analyse the data from our questionnaires and carry out the detailed, psychometric assessments we offer.

We demand that every careers consultant has at least two degrees – a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Occupational Psychology. The Psychology degree ensures that they know how to interpret the results of your questionnaires, while the Masters in Occupational Psychology means that they have a deep understanding of a variety of industries, businesses structures and the job roles within them. Therefore, they have the knowledge to interpret the results of your psychometric assessment and match you with suitable career – and education – options.

Our careers advisors use expert profiling techniques but they don’t force you to fit a template; your psychometric assessment is formed from your answers. This ensures we give you careers advice that’s unique to you.

The Questionnaires

Our psychometric assessments are made up of questionnaires which are specially designed to give our careers advisors all the information that they need to develop a personal and comprehensive profile of you.

The questionnaires are divided as follows:

  • Personal, Education & Career History
  • Personality
  • Interests
  • Values
  • Abilities

Every test is multiple choice aside from the Personal, Career and Education history one. You can’t pass or fail the questionnaires. They are designed to show how much you like or dislike a spectrum of interests and activities. They’ll also test your reasoning abilities, as you’ll rate how much a certain attitude or behaviour matches your own. They help our occupational psychologists gather the information they need and you get to learn a lot about yourself.

Your Careers Consultation

After you’ve completed your psychometric assessment, you’ll meet with the careers advisors who analysed your results. This ensures you only speak with someone who knows all about you. They discuss the results of your psychometric assessment with you and give you careers guidance, helping you find what career suits you.

Meeting with you in person ensures that our consultants give you the right careers advice. Once you’re confident with one of the suitable career options we’ve laid out, we’ll give you advice on your next steps. These may entail study, apprenticeships, a new role or something else entirely. There is no fixed formula, it all depends on what suits you.

Your Written Report

Your occupational psychologist will give you a report, detailing the results of your psychometric assessment. These reports are written by your consultant, so they’re unique to you. They will help keep you focused and are a clear guide to refer to as you take your next steps.