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Leverage LinkedIn to its fullest with strategies for enhancing your profile, expanding your network, and advancing your career.

How can you use Linkedin to find a good career?

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LinkedIn, the social network that focuses on business and careers, provides the ideal opportunity to make connections, find career roles and follow the companies that could make a difference to your career path. But are you using it effectively? Here’s how to make sure that your online presence accurately reflects you and your achievements, and helps you get that perfect career.

Don’t treat Linkedin like Facebook or Twitter

It’s a professional network, so it’s not the place to share a funny meme or link to a quiz. Keep your posts relevant and focussed on your career or profession.

Likewise, when making connections, ensure that there is career relevance between you and the contact you wish to connect with, and make this clear in the invitation.

Make the most of your profile

Have you written your career summary? Many people miss the opportunity to write something that accurately reflects them and their careers. Likewise, ensure that you add relevant keywords and ask colleagues, managers and those from previous jobs for recommendations. It builds a strong profile that is searchable and interesting for future contacts and even employers. Make it stand out!

Make sure you have a good, professional profile photo

A profile with a picture gets more views than one without. It also means that connections can recognise you at events or other career opportunities. Bad photos can be just as harmful as nothing at all. You need to look professional and ready to work, not sat on the beach or in a blur!

Keep your profile up to date

Don’t just update your profile when you change, or are looking for, a new career. It gives the wrong impression that you are only using the site at infrequent times, for career opportunities and not for connecting with others. Regular posts, profile updates and sharing relevant content will ensure that you get noticed and help you interact with others, keeping you at the forefront of possible employers’ – or useful influencers’ – thoughts.