Special Situations

Careers Advice for Special Situations

We offer specialist careers advice for people in some specific situations. Some have circumstances which make their career choices particularly difficult. So, for those, we offer careers advice tailored to their special situations.


The largest of these groups at over half the population is women. Traditionally career women have been undervalued in the workplace even if they focus on their career. Even more daunting if they want to return to a career after raising children.


Another special group includes those with physical or mental disabilities. This group includes conditions such as Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, OCD, ADHD and physical disabilities. For these groups, some career paths are not suitable and careers advice to point them in the right direction is essential.


Perhaps you have had an injury or accident which prevents you from continuing in your chosen career. In this case, you need to look at what career options are available to you.


You may be a sportsperson whose injury has curtailed your career. Or you’ve just come to the end of a successful career in sport, though still at an age much younger than most people would retire. Then you need to find a new career that draws on your character and drive and provides a purposeful existence and income for the rest of your life.


Often retiring at a relatively young age are those members of the armed forces who have served their country well for many years. You now have to find a meaningful alternative career in Civvy Street. For you, we provide specialist careers advice.

Redundancy or Retirement

You may have been made redundant and want to take this opportunity to take a fresh look at what other careers are out there. Or perhaps you’ve been forced into mandatory retirement, but you believe you still have lots to offer in your career.

These are all special circumstances which will affect your career choices. They must be considered when choosing what career is right for you.

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