Psychometric Testing

What is psychometric testing?

The word Psychometric comes from the Greek psycho- ‘of the mind’ and metric meaning ‘measuring’. The psychometric tests we use are scientifically designed and validated multiple choice questionnaires. They will ask you a series of questions about your interests, feelings and preferences as well as test your reasoning abilities (verbal, numerical, abstract etc.). From the results we can draw a great deal of information about who you really are and what you represent as a human resource.

Are these psychometric tests the ones that HR managers use when recruiting?

When choosing the right career, it is important to find something that interests you, that you are good at, that suits your personality and is in line with your values. Recruiters know this too! So, of course, they are testing for the same factors to find the best people for the vacancy.

The difference is that they have a specific job in mind and are looking for a ‘type’ of person to fill it; our perspective is that we have a specific person in mind and are looking for a career path that matches that person. So for them, it is the job that takes first place while for us the person comes first.

Who can interpret the results of the tests?

Psychometric tests can only be interpreted by a fully qualified psychologist trained in their use. Careers advisors come in many forms, but without in depth training and full qualification the results can be worse that patchy and they can’t use the psychometric tools.

All of the career consultants at Career Analysts have an absolute minimum of 2 degrees – a BSc in Psychology so that they are trained to interpret the results of the psychometrics; and an MSc in Occupational Psychology, in which they learn about how organisations work, what the roles are with them and what the requirements are for those careers.

So it is their job to understand you – their client – using the psychometrics, and then to draw on their vast knowledge of possible career paths to match you to the best career for you.

So – The important factors to consider when choosing a career are:

  • Interests – if you can pursue a real interest or passion then you are far more likely to enjoy your work and succeed.
  • Personality – How do you normally respond and behave?
    What is the right kind of role and environment for you to be working in?
    Where will you fit in and ensure your outlook matches your career?
  • Values and Beliefs – Some people have strongly-held beliefs which would prevent them working in certain industries; for others, it’s a motivating force towards certain areas.
  • Aptitudes – These are looking at various types of reasoning; verbal, numerical, perceptual, logic etc.
    What are you good at?
    Which are your strengths?
    Which are you not so strong at?
    Where will your talents be valued and what should you avoid or aim to develop?

At Career Analysts we measure these and other factors and then set these against the backdrop of your practical circumstances to give you the best careers advice to help you choose the career that suits you best.

The psychometric tests are in some depth. As standard you should expect to spend 5 hours completing our questionnaires and assessments before you see one of our Occupational Psychologists here.

Psychometric testing is an important tool for us at Career Analysts and we rely on it to help us understand you. However the really important part of our work is carried out in the actual one-on-one consultation with the fully qualified and trained Occupational Psychologist where you can talk through in detail your personal circumstances, desires and ambitions and where we can help you make the crucial decision about what to do for the next stage of your career.

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