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What career is right for you

By 14/06/2022April 30th, 2024Uncategorized

Are you thinking about finding a new career? Here are some tips on how to market yourself effectively to employers.

Look at your motivations

The first and most important question to ask yourself is ‘what is the best career for me?’. What makes you happy? What are you interested in? It sometimes feels like an impossible task to pin down what it is you want to do, or what career is right for you. But if you can answer this question, you are far more likely to be happy and succeed in your career.

If you can’t do this by yourself, then go to a careers advice service for help. Careers Analysts’ trained career counsellors are experts in helping you uncover what career is perfect for you.

Create a plan

Once you have figured out the best career for you, make a plan of action. Write down your career plan in detail. Actions, timescales and other notes will help you focus, as well as giving you that feeling of satisfaction when you begin to tick things off your list!

Identify options, define your goals and develop your plan as you go along. This will help you feel in control of your job search. You will focus on your tasks better and give yourself a head start over less organised candidates!

Revise your CV

You might think your CV is fine, but the job market has changed and less and less time is given to looking over CVs. Yours needs to stand out from the crowd, and contain all the relevant information in a clear, structured way.

Waffle, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and irrelevant information are all ways that may cause your CV to be passed over without a second thought. Make sure you are giving yourself the best possible chance of an interview by tailoring your CV to each role, and ask others for their feedback. If you can find a friend that regularly recruits, or works within your chosen industry, even better!

Market yourself

If you do need help with marketing yourself, Career Analysts has an approach that helps you focus on tasks to get you in front of the right people, at the right company.

The plan involves planning, preparing, launching and monitoring your campaign, including:

  • Writing your CV and covering letters
  • Identifying opportunities and applying for them in the right manner
  • Preparing you for success at the interview stage

It’s a great way to focus and refresh your job search. Good luck!

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