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The mechanics of career change. Can there be a career for life?

By 31/01/2018November 21st, 2021Uncategorized

As retirement age falls further back and no career is safe from the threat of redundancy and change, can you really rely on a career for life?

This is a view that many agree with – less than one in ten (8.6%) workers in the UK expect to stay in one career for their entire life.

According to recruiter Hyphen, more than a quarter of young workers (aged 16-34) say they want to change jobs between eight and twelve times during their careers. And although older workers tend to show more loyalty to employers, they can struggle when faced with looking for another career if their employer does not reciprocate that loyalty.

The unpredictability of the current economic climate, as well as the speed of career change and increased mobility of workers, means that career minded people should expect to change jobs, if not careers, many times in their working life.

This isn’t just restricted to external forces. People themselves can feel the need to change career if they are not satisfied in their current careers. Our motivations and interests change over time; with much more flexibility now available for those who wish to build their own careers or return to another career after having a family.

So how can you prepare for the seemingly inevitable? Are there ways you can adapt your current career to conquer boredom or the feeling of not progressing in your career?

Career Analysts work with thousands of people to help them develop their career path or find the ideal career change for them.

As we move beyond our first careers, into our thirties and beyond, our lifestyle and priorities change – does your career still motivate you and reflect your ambitions? Career Analysts can help you re-evaluate who you are, what drives you and how your career can help you achieve your dreams.

This means considering your career options, reviewing your career progress and assessing your current role. By building up your holistic profile – your motivations, personality and abilities – using psychometric tests, Career Analysts can devise a realistic career path for your future; whether that is a different career plan or developing your talents in your current career.

There’s no need to fear a career change but embrace the possibilities that can occur when you stop looking for that one career for life!