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How to Make a Career Change

By 31/01/2018April 19th, 2024Uncategorized

Deciding what career change is best for you is perhaps the most important part of the process of finding a new career, but once you’ve made up your mind the actual process of getting that new career can also be an ordeal.

The essentials of getting a new career:

Planning is crucial to a change in your career path – your new career strategy should be researched and executed meticulously. Treat the career planning stage as if it was the most important project you have ever taken on and the pathway to your new career with all the care it deserves and needs. Nothing in the career planning stage should be rushed or left to chance. Create a job application history file and record all the steps that you have taken with each prospective employer so that a quick glance will enable you to refresh your memory at every stage of the process.

Research the following in depth

Recruitment Agencies

Junior positions are likely to be advertised in your local High Street and they will have excellent local contacts for local work, but less for specialised career paths. The chance of them finding more senior or specialised career opportunities is not high. Research the specialist head-hunters in your field. Make a list of the agencies that specialise in your chosen career path.

Internet Job Sites

Internet job sites tend to have specialist job boards for each industry, but they are numerous. Before you change your career, research the most suitable websites for your personal career choice.

The Press

This can be a difficult task even if you have researched where your job is likely to be advertised. If a job is advertised locally it may be perfect for you, but it may take longer for the perfect career opening to present itself.

Executive careers are found in the national press both in the online and print editions. Check with your local library and online to ensure you are familiar with all the relevant titles to assist in your job search.

Trade journals

Trade journals are published in print and online and allow you to conduct a narrower research; more focused to your specific career choice. Draw up a Personal Job Search calendar with Google or Yahoo. Mark the days that they publish jobs in your career sector.