Life after the Forces

Careers advice Programme to get you back into Civvy Street

This careers advice programme is for those members of the Armed Forces who now need to find their way back into a new career in ‘Civvy Street’.

Even with the wealth of official support agencies at your disposal, the move can be quite daunting. Job search skills and civilian careers advisory briefings, familiarisation visits to civilian companies, and TSRO in-house training all form part of the forces’ resettlement programmes.

But it’s our cutting-edge psychometric and personal careers advice programme, fine-tuned to uncover the real you in depth – your drives and motivations, aims and ambitions, skills and talents (including hidden talents that your time in the forces didn’t bring to the fore) – and show you how and where to apply them, that will really set you on your way to a new working life.

The training and discipline that your time in the forces has already provided you with, is highly prized in a number of different organisations and sectors.

Now you need to identify which of those career paths is right for you. Then, once you have made the correct career choice, you can approach potential employers with the confidence of knowing that it’s the right career for you.

You’ll need to create a great CV highlighting your training and skills and demonstrating why you believe that the job you are applying for is the best career choice for you.