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It’s that time of year when university starts to feel like it’s fast-approaching. You’ve likely been told to start thinking about your university application but might still be unsure whether or not it’s for you. That’s understandable; university is a big leap from sixth form or college and the varied UCAS application deadlines are probably putting pressure on you to make a decision early.

The ongoing debate of whether university helps you land your dream job is still very much spoken about. Many have the opinion that university just leaves you in massive debt without much real-world experience when you could have started a job within a company and already worked your way up to a higher position. The decision lies with the individual, nonetheless let’s remember that a degree has many benefits and now many jobs require you to have one. Students that flourish at university are quite often those who know exactly what career they want to do and therefore know the exact course they need to take. The ambition is there as they want to achieve and be qualified for their dream job, many even go onto postgraduate study their undergraduate degree, so they may further develop their skills and be the best they can academically be. For some, this is the path they know they want to take. They find essay writing or exams straightforward and achieved good results in their A Levels exams. For others, those who are perhaps more hands-on, getting straight into a career after school makes more sense. This is how they see themselves becoming successful and progressing within a company.

University Should Be Carefully Considered

Uni isn’t a decision that should be made lightly. The UCAS application process is simple enough, however, there are aspects which should have time spent doing them properly such as your personal statement. If you know that you definitely want to go to university but unsure about which one, spend some time researching a few of your favourites. Look at the course descriptions and the modules they include; this is very important as they vary and can be different in what you study or what you can choose to take. This could help you narrow down your choices.

UCAS lets you choose up to five university courses. If you don’t feel confident using UCAS and want support and guidance, we offer university application support which covers all subject areas. We aim to ensure you are making the right choices, as well as maximise your chances of getting on the course you want. We want to help eliminate the stress and get you feeling confident in making the right choice for you.

Is University Right for Me? Things to consider with Career Analysts

Study in the UK or Study Abroad?

One aspect that often gets overlooked is the option to study abroad. Some universities abroad offer really terrific courses and some UK courses give you the opportunity to study abroad for a year.

It can be very daunting and stressful to fully understand what is required to study abroad, and what specifically is needed for each individual course. These factors stop people applying as they simply don’t know how to go about it. With our university application support package, we walk you through the relevant university application process for the countries to which you’re applying, giving you confidence in your decision and a clear understanding of the study abroad requirements.     

Research is Important…

Going to open days and finding out everything you can about the course and its structure will prove very beneficial as you go about making your decisions. Furthermore, meeting your potential lecturers and tutors gives you the opportunity to learn about them and make a good first impression. Knowing as much as you can about the courses on offer and listening to what graduates from the university have to say about their experience, and even what job offers they’ve had since graduating, can give you a much clearer idea about what you want to do.

University Advantages

  • You meet new like-minded people
  • You gain a degree which most companies now require
  • You will be studying something which you enjoy
  • It is a great investment in yourself and your future
  • You develop a further skill set and grow in confidence
  • You learn how to manage yourself and your studies
  • It’s a challenging but enjoyable experience

Is University Right for Me? Things to consider with Career Analysts

The Process

Don’t let the UCAS application process put you off, it may appear long but it is very important to spend time going through it step by step when you can dedicate a fair amount of time. At this time of the year, many of you will be thinking about applying as soon as it reaches September. You’ll have a few months to submit your university applications so try not to become overwhelmed. If you want to start your application early, then it’s important you start going to open days so you can really get a feel for what you want to do.

What About Going Straight Into A Career?

This option may be daunting for many after being in education for so long. However, you should consider starting work after school if you know exactly what you want to do and are applying for jobs without a degree requirement. Some may offer apprenticeships or training as part of the package. There is nothing wrong with taking this route and there may be personal reasons why you need to start your career early.


  • Bypass any student debt
  • Gather experience straight away
  • There may be an option to move up earlier in the company
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Earn a wage straight away
  • Start curating skills and experience on your CV and LinkedIn profile

Why not make a list?

Seems like a boring idea but it can help to write down reasons why you think university is or isn’t for you. You should fully consider reasons for and against going and use it to really explore your options. You may even come to the conclusion that neither are for you right now and in fact want to train in something particular through college or various other schemes.

Is University Right for Me? Things to consider with Career Analysts

Remember, this is all positive!

Don’t worry if you are unsure and feel like you are the only one who doesn’t know what they want to do. All the researching, going to open days, exploring which subjects you might enjoy and curating a pros and cons list will you gain a clearer idea of which direction you want to go in.

Support is on hand even whilst at university!

If you are already at university and are still questioning whether you feel you have made the correct choice, we offer academic mentoring which helps you regain confidence in your course and better manage your study so you can go forward and achieve the best results possible. Our Academic Mentoring Programme is particularly effective at reducing stress at the various points in your degree where work suddenly mounts up. Whether this be proofreading work, exam preparation, or specialist advice for aspects such as your dissertation – to name a few. No one should feel like giving up due to stress. Having support and advice can help you improve and feel confident that you made the right choice.

Is University Right for Me? Things to consider with Career Analysts