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Disappointed with exam results?

By 31/01/2018April 30th, 2024Uncategorized

If or your son or daughter didn’t get the exam results they wanted, don’t panic. Professional career guidance specifically aimed at teenagers can help you and your child can survive the results and still find out what career is right for them – even if it isn’t the ideal career they imagined. It may be that now the education path you had planned is no longer possible, but there are still plenty of education and career opportunities open to them.

Whether it is a rethink of potential career paths, or route to study, our extensively trained and vastly experienced career advisors are here to provide objective and coherent careers advice and career guidance.

We have formulated a suite of career programmes that will help you and your teenager pass through this testing time, especially if they didn’t get the exam results you expected.

Are you experiencing any of these?

Your child doesn’t know what to do for a career:

Teenagers can be non-committal at best, and this time of their lives is filled with hormones and change; this can be unhelpful in getting them to commit to a career path! So instead of being preoccupied with what career they should do, focus on their personality, strengths and weaknesses. What do they like to do? What are they good at? Use this as a guide for study and exploring what career is right for them.

How do they learn?

You may think that your teenager should go to university, but will that really be right for them? What is their learning process? What is the right career path for them? Our career advisors have worked with thousands of teenagers and all of them are different. Our Occupational Psychologists have decades of experience working with teenagers with special needs, such as Dyslexia or Dyspraxia and the careers advice programme takes all circumstances into account. We can help your teenager decide on a suitable and fulfilling career path and show what qualifications they will need to achieve in order to get to their ideal career.

They won’t talk to you!

Teenage years may not ideal in which to help your child in choosing a career! You may be just too close to help them make those objective decisions – you want the best for them in their career, but are you really knowledgeable enough to provide the most realistic careers advice? Talking to a professional careers adviser who is also an Occupational Psychologist will give the most realistic view of what career will make the most of their potential.

Our in-depth psychometric tests reveal a true, holistic profile of your teenager, and the consultation with the Occupational Psychologist will help them make concrete decisions about the education and career choices they are faced with, whatever their exam results.

Want to find out more about our careers advice and guidance for teenagers? Read more about our programme , including our insightful videos and resources!