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Study & Careers Advice for Teens

Choosing your A-Level options, what to study at university or whether you should get straight to work after school, can be pretty overwhelming. These are big decisions that are really hard to make at a young age, especially when you haven’t had much work experience.

That’s why we offer an objective and scientific approach – you complete online questionnaires as part of in-depth psychometric assessment. You then converse with your very own careers advisor who uses this data to help you choose a career.

We include psychometrics in our higher education consultancy services and careers advice options for those 15-19 year olds who don’t know what they want to do or how to go about doing it.

We also offer practical university application support for teenagers applying to university and we advise parents who want to help their teenagers find a career.

In-depth Psychometric Tests

Once you fill out our psychometric tests online, our careers advisors have all the information they need about your interests, abilities, personality, attitude and more to give you the best careers advice.  Our detailed, psychometric & career assessment tests reveal your strengths and weaknesses pretty early on, putting you in a position where you know how to choose a course that fits you.

None of what we do is guess-work – our fully qualified, occupational psychologists use science to help you find:

Find out more about our psychometric evaluation process.

Our Services

Higher Education Consulting

We use in-depth psychometric assessments to help teenagers align their A-Levels and career paths early, so that every educational decision you make goes towards a suitable career.

After you complete your psychometric test online, your personal career advisor will consult with you about which job suits you and which academic choices will help you get there.

We also offer University Application Support to guide you through the UCAS application process and Academic Mentoring programmes to help you while you’re at uni.

Careers Advice for Teenagers

We provide teenagers with the best career advice we can because they are among those with the most need! There is an ideal career out there for every young person but it’s hard to identify what suits you when you’ve had nothing to compare it to.

Your online psychometric assessment will help our careers advisors identify where you would thrive by revealing your strengths and weaknesses. They can offer advice for school leavers who don’t know whether to complete their A-Levels, go to uni or straight to work. By identifying which career suits you, your career guidance specialist can help you make the best choices to get you on the right path.

Get Straight to Work After School

Further education isn’t for everyone and nor should it be! Our Straight to Work programme consists of an online psychometric assessment and career counselling that is tailored to those school leavers who want to immediately start work after school.

Our psychometric aptitude tests take your choices into account so that your career consultant gives you practical careers advice about how to start your exciting new career now.

Careers Advice for Parents with Teenagers

It’s hard to know how to help your child choose a career, especially when they have absolutely no idea themselves!

What’s more, teenagers don’t always follow parental recommendations so it can often feel like you’re talking to a brick wall. By adopting a scientific, psychoanalytic approach and introducing objective insight from an expert careers advisor, you receive a holistic view of your teenager’s capabilities and give them a clear path to follow.

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