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Careers Advice for those in their twenties

By 15/12/2021April 19th, 2024Uncategorized

Your 20’s are a formative point in your career. New career choices made now will have a profound effect on how the rest of your career will evolve. Those in the first decade of their careers will face alternatives that will affect the rest of their lives.

In this changeable economy, it is ever more complicated to know what career is right for you, let alone achieve it. Yet, with many facing student loan repayments soon, it is crucial that you make your career choice as soon as possible.

Like many people in their 20’s, you’re probably wondering ‘how to choose my career? The question is complex, but the process to answer it is relatively straightforward. A career analyst can provide career guidance to direct you to the right career for you.

Career analysts focus on constructing a psychological profile of you. What are you interested in? what would suit your personality? what would be in line with you values and beliefs and what would you be good at? These are the important factors to consider when choosing your career. They uncover these using psychometric tests.

Psychometric tests are mostly multiple-choice questionnaires. When the results are analysed by a qualified career analyst, they reveal a profile of you which can then be matched to success and fulfilment in your ideal career.