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Careers Advice for those in their 20’s

Your twenties are an ideal time to get great careers advice. You are not as naïve as your teenage years, but you’ve still got the majority of your life ahead of you.

Seeing a good careers advisor in your twenties will give you the careers advice you need to find the right career for you.

If you’re unsure about the career you’re already in, there are some questions that need to be answered. Have you picked the right career path? How does it match your goals, your skills and your qualifications? Is there any further training or education you can do that will help you to progress on to your perfect career, or will a lack of them restrain you as others advance up the career ladder?

Our programme of careers advice for those in their 20’s will take stock of what has happened to you so far, review your progress to date and create a clear career plan for your future. For the next decades of your working life, you need to know you’re on the best career path for you.

The aim of the career advice for 20’s programme is to deliver life-changing careers advice to help you choose the right career for you. We will assess your career options, appraise your development so far, evaluate your situation as it stands and then formulate a realistic strategy for the next stage of your career.

The programme starts with a suite of psychometric tests and is then followed by a face-to-face discussion with an experienced and qualified Occupational Psychologist. At this time, any difficulties or misgivings need to be seriously analysed and rectified so that you can pave the way for solid foundations for your future career.

The end product of our careers advice for 20’s programme is that you will find renewed self-confidence and the resolve that comes with understanding where and who you are. You can then look forward to a new career with your own unique career plan.