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Are you damaging your own career?

Are you damaging your own career?

A recent survey showed that over 80% of us have made a serious blunder that had adverse repercussions on our career.  

It doesn’t have to be one big mistake. A few small ones over a period, or a poor attitude, can seriously affect your chances of a future promotion, an increase in pay or achieving the next step up in your career.

So, are you in danger of harming your own career? Here are some of the common ways you can damage your career prospects without realising.

Promises, Promises…

If you are promising big but essentially unachievable results, you are piling additional pressure on yourself for the future.

You may think that you’re going beyond the call of duty in your career, but if you don’t deliver on your promises, you are going to disappoint your manager, yourself and those around you.

So, set realistic career goals and you’ll end up looking better than if you promise more and deliver less. The art of career management is knowing how much you can do within a set time – and then delivering it successfully. Failure to achieve it will disappoint your managers, your peers and you. Ultimately it will cost you the progress you want in your career.


When did you last learn a new relevant skill? Or think about making your work more efficient? Or look for a way to progress your career? Are you resting on your laurels?

If you let life pass you by, trudging on with your everyday routine, not thinking about your career progression, then don’t be surprised when you start to wonder ‘what am I doing here?’

Career opportunities do not fall into your lap. You have to go out and get them. Be proactive. If you’ve already been in your career for some time, waiting for a promotion but regularly being passed over, it may be because you’re not showing the initiative your company expects from you. Make your career development a priority and see what happens!

Fear of change

Are you afraid to move on in your career? You may be restraining yourself by being too scared to move forward in your career. It can be worrying, applying for a new role or making the frightening leap of a complete career change. Even learning a new skill requires some courage.

It’s normal to be hesitant when considering a career change. You may doubt your abilities or experience anxiety about making the right career choice. Fear of failure or the unknown can hold you back in your career. However, knowing your personality, skills and motivations can give you the confidence to make the right career choices now.