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January 2018

Time for a career change?

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Many people, now and then, are bored with their career path. Are you bored because you do not face enough challenges in your career? Or are you feeling burned out in your career.

These are good reasons to think about a career change; but be careful – if the cause of your dissatisfaction is a personal issue – it will follow you wherever you go.

Usually it is better to stay in your career until you have decided on your next career path and done some preparatory work; the grass may look greener on the other side but sometimes that is an illusion. Finding a new career when you are already employed can be much easier than if you are not.

A career change for its own sake is not necessarily a move in the right career direction and may even be detrimental.

It may be that you do not need an entirely new career, possibly just a new challenge. Speak to your manager and ask for extra responsibilities or a more challenging role. Often workers tend to get promoted into a new career path which include some duties they are already doing. Your own personal career goals are important; good managers will try to accommodate your career needs. Don’t let it be known that you are fed up with your work, but do let your bosses know you are ready to move forward in your career path.